Check-in Desk Services

We know one of the most inconvenient parts of welcoming guests to your home is greeting them at the residence. On the days of check-ins and check-outs you need to make yourself available for almost the whole day in order to meet everyone's schedules. Sometimes it's just not possible to greet everyone and this can lead to security issues as well as possibly having to inconvenience your guests if they have to wait for you to return.

Our services answer that call for you. We greet your guest either at our conveniently located downtown office or, for an additional reasonable fee, we will go to your property and meet them there. In addition to this added level of convenience for both you and your guest, we have developed numerous protocols which enable us to vet and screen your guests to ensure you are not going to have any surprises at your home. You have an investment to protect, we can certainly help you do that.

Greet at the Office

Full service, at our office

Greet at your Home

Full service, at your address

Daytime, After Hours, Holidays

Our services are available 24/7/365

Take a Vacation

B&B or Rental owners need to get away too. Let us take care for you while you rest!

Key Exchange

Servicing Realtors or Property Managers with a secure key exchange

Renter Turn-over

Need to exchange keys between renters, guests or even family? We can help!

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What our clients are saying

Our service is well appreciated by a large number of owners and guests alike. We have years of experience in the industry and we know how to please. Let us go to work for you, but don't take our word on it, listen to the high praise our clients have for our services.

I was waiting for a service like this, now my vacation rental is totally hands off, all I do is collect the cheques.

-John L. / Vancouver Condo Owner

After a bad guest experience, I was looking for a way to increase security and your service has been perfect.

-Alice M. / North Vancouver Estate Owner

I was handed keys, a really great information booklet about the condo and I was on my way. Thanks for all extra details you provided!

-Stephen T. / New York, NY