Booking Services

VanCity Reception Services works hand-in-hand with BC's premier vacation rental providers, EMR Vacation Rentals. EMR is leading the industry in Vancouver, striving to provide the very best in service and ethical standards. Our business plan details our insistance on honesty and integrity so that we can exceed our customer's expectations in all possible ways. The booking services you will receive with EMR and EMR's partners will enable you to realize the best possible outcome for both your property and your bottom line. Choose us to manage your bookings, marketing and property.

We are simply the best.

AirB&B Listing Management

We can greet, and even respond, to your guests

List with Us

We provide exclusive booking services in BC


Use our marketing services to increase your exposure and increase bookings

Phone Services

Allow us to answer the calls you cannot!

Lead Qualification

Contact your leads and qualify the guests, readying them to book

Home Info Manuals

We compile manuals that assist guests while in your rental

Ready to get started?

When you know you have an asset that you are underutilizing because you simply do not have the resources and time to deal with everything required to run a successful rental business, that's where our comprehensive booking services can help you realize your full potenital. Send us a note, we'll discuss the best way for us to help you increase your bookings and your business.